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If you were to ask 100 menopausal women what one thing they feared most about the change of life, 99 would respond, “Dealing with fat after menopause”. This is not a vanity thing but most women care about how they look, which affects how they feel. Therefore, many women heading into menopause will start to walk, work out in the gym, or eat better. In addition to this being better for overall health, it makes a woman feel better, more in control of changes, giving her back a little control. Menopause is hard enough as it is but then when you consider that weight gain is a common symptom, the whole thing becomes a little too real.

If you have concern about becoming fat after menopause, you need to realize that you have an abundance of options. In this article, we are going to provide you with proven ways to help fight fat after menopause so you can still look and feel great. Stop fighting pants and skirts that are too tight. Stop wearing tee-shirts three sizes too large in an attempt to hide the growing bulge. Stop feeling as if life has just ended and you have no viable options! Today is the day to start taking back control of your life. Just because you are going through menopause does not mean you have to be heavy.

First, you need to fight fat after menopause by not blaming estrogen for the few extra pounds. The truth is that while your body is not producing the same levels of estrogen as it once did, this has nothing to do with weight gain. To fight fat after menopause, you also want to avoid high calorie alcoholic beverages. Getting out for a wonderful night on the town is good but many women lean toward the “foo-foo” drinks, those that contain high calories. For example, pina coladas or strawberry margaritas are loaded with calories. Instead, try going with a nice glass of wine. However, wine too has calories so instead of having three stick with one, possibly two. Studies show that fat after menopause has a direct link with alcohol consumption so just make wise choices.

Exercise is one of the best ways for battling fat after menopause. Walking is probably the best option in that it helps you lose weight and builds a strong heart but walking is also an excellent way to fight osteoporosis. However, you have so many options when it comes to exercise. Perhaps you might consider swimming, biking, taking up tennis, and even golf. The fact is that women after the mid-30s will begin to lose one-third pound of muscle each year. What happens is that soon, fat begins to replace the lost muscle, resulting in excess weight. Therefore, by building muscle, you actually help burn calories so not only will you look better but also, you are using a natural tool to fight weight gain.

Interestingly, many menopausal women believe to fight fat after menopause they have to starve. The truth is that going on an extreme low-calorie diet is defeating the purpose. Your body will begin to think it is being starved, which it is, and thereby, the metabolism will slow way down to conserve fat. Instead of eating 600 to 800 calories in an attempt to win against fat after menopause, you want to stay between 1,400 and 1,600 calories a day. While you might gasp, if you eat the right foods and incorporate exercise into your daily routine, you can easily consume this many calories and still loose weight.

Remember, everything you put in your mouth counts. For instance, if you are a taster while cooking dinner, you could easily consume 200 to 400 calories before you even sit down at the table. Therefore, pay attention to each bite, meaning one tablespoon of ice cream, those two extra crackers, the added jelly on your sandwich, and so on, all add up. While eating out is fun for everyone and something every woman should treat herself to from time to time, when fighting against fat after menopause, you want to choose from the menu wisely. Additionally, most restaurants provide you with meals that are clearly enough for two people. Therefore, split the entrée in half, taking the other half home for a later meal.

Finally, whether eating at home or at your favorite restaurant, try to focus on nutritional foods, sticking with foods that will fill you up while also providing your body with vitamins and minerals. In this case, a baked potato with a little cheese and salsa makes a healthy and filling meal. If you make these changes, you should notice a significant difference in how you look and feel. Typically, you will have more energy, making menopause far easier to deal with. If you do not lose weight or find, you continue to gain fat after menopause regardless of your efforts then talk to your doctor to see what other options you have from a medical perspective.

Although going the natural path is best, sometimes medication is required, at least in the beginning. Dealing with fat after menopause is frustrating and something the majority of menopausal women face. However, with the right attitude and dedication, you can grow older and go through this phase of life without putting on unwanted pounds. Keep in mind that putting on a little weight, perhaps up to 10 pounds, is perfectly normal so do not beat yourself up as your body changes. By eating right and exercising, you are keeping the weight down while also building a better, stronger body.


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