Weight Gain and Post Menopause



Women should not jump to conclusions and fret too much about this. Women experiencing weight gain and post menopause is quite normal. The thing is that around two-thirds of females suffer from the weight gain during menopause. Another thing is that the distribution of the weight is usually around-the middle.

What causes weight gain during menopause?

As a woman’s metabolism decreases, this is the time she gain’s weight. Also, it is because of the menopause that the metabolism drops. Weight gain does not come with age. If your metabolism decreases, you will end up building fat. In addition, if there are no changes made to your lifestyle after this weight gain, you will build fat.

What is also another problem is that women that have taken hormones, experience this weight gain. One solution for this problem could be HRT- Hormone-Replacement Therapy. The thing is with HRT; fat is minimized around the woman’s middle sections but is distributed evenly over her body. To a few women this does not seem to work. Weight gain, in some women can also be caused when water is retained.

How can one solve this weight gain problem?

The bad news if that “spot” reduction does not exist. Another way you could solve weight gain and post menopause is by changing your diet, and maybe try exercising frequently. Although dieting reduces the metabolism, the good thing is that exercising helps increase it. This results in more calories being burned. If you decided not to go on a diet, if it is possible for you to add a little 20 minutes or even more of exercise to the schedule, it could really help and you will benefit in the end.

A few examples of the exercises that could help are swimming, biking and forceful walking. There are many exercises you could try out. As long as you can find something that gives you a cardiovascular workout, it should help. Find something that you can enjoy and keep doing it. Other activities around the house that are physical can benefit.

You should remember weight-bearing workouts. You should include this in at least a couple of your exercises. These exercises don’t reduce the fat, but they do assist by depositing calcium in your bones, such as your hipbone. The hipbone is what breaks frequently by women in postmenopausal.

The importance of weight training for postmenopausal women

Weight training is very critical for every woman, but it is extremely important for postmenopausal women, because it fights osteoporosis. Studies have been conducted and they have concluded that women doing weight training have a lower chance of bone fractures resulting to falls. They have greater balance and the muscles supporting their bones are stronger. The great thing is that this increases metabolism – great for weight gain and post menopause.

Watch that diet!

With age, a woman’s metabolism decreases, and she will probably be forced to decrease her food consumption to match her calorie expenditure. A few women are already small in the beginning, so this means that they do not need so many calories, but you have to make sure that you get enough nutrition. This can be done in small quantities. Women should focus their diets on fresh vegetables and fruits, fish and lean meats, whole grains and make sure that their dairy products are low in fat. All the other foods they enjoy eating should be eaten sparingly.

Watch the amount of fat you have in your diet. A little fat can add lots of calories; in addition, fats lack nutrients. Foods that contain sugar can also add lots of calories and not nutrients. Sweets don’t really have to be eliminated from your diet, but as long as you can eat them in small portions or infrequently, you should be fine. Don’t push cakes and other desserts aside, but have a few bites. You could choose this or you could choose to eat non-fatty desserts, such as popcorn and yogurt.

In conclusion…

Weight gain and post menopause can be a problem in many women, and yes, menopause comes with serious challenges, but it could also be an incentive to turn over a new leaf. You will become more serious about your diet and your self-image. You will end up eating healthier foods and exercise for that new body. Think of it as a new life. If you are positive that you have done or are doing all you can from inside, your outside will be of less meaning.


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