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For women going through menopause, the abundance of symptoms to include hot flashes, night sweats, headache and joint pain, psychological issues, heart palpitations, insomnia, and others can be too much. The good news is that when it comes to finding menopause relief, there are a number of excellent solutions from prescription medication to home remedies.

With one of the most frustrating of all symptoms, hot flashes, women have many options for relief. First, a number of experts recommend the intake of soy, which would include things such as soy milk, whole soybeans, vegetable protein, soy powder, tofu, miso, and tempeh.

Taking between 20 and 60mg of Black Cohosh has also proven to be very helpful for hot flashes along with some of the other symptoms to include anxiety, heart palpitations, and headache. Natural progesterone cream is also available at drugstores or health stores without prescription and with this, you simply use the amount recommended, rubbing it into the skin. Vitamin E taken daily between 40o IU and 800 IU can also help with both hot flashes and night sweats.

A drug called Gabapentin, which is used primarily for migraine headaches, also provides menopause relief as does Effexor. Women should also incorporate a minimum of 30 minutes exercise to their daily habits to help with menopause relief. In addition, avoiding things such as caffeine, spicy foods, and alcohol that can trigger hot flashes will help. Finally, hormone replacement therapy that includes estrogen has also proven beneficial. The key to menopause relief is choosing the solution or combination of solutions that works for you. Each woman is a little different so while one thing might work perfectly for one person it may not work for you.

A true story is that a woman age 47 had gone into menopause with all the classic symptoms mentioned. She had tried literally everything and nothing worked. Finally, she spoke with her mother who told her of a remedy that she and her mother had used with much success. Armed with information, this woman headed to her local grocery store where she purchased Vitamin C, Calcium, and Vitamin E. Within weeks, her symptoms were not just reduced, but completely gone! Menopause does bring with it challenges but with the proper treatment, these symptoms do not have to be so overwhelming, thus providing much-needed menopause relief.


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