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Going through the change of life for a woman is never an enjoyable experience. Although some women breeze through, most women struggle with a long list of symptoms that can often be hard to manage. Menopause is a normal part of life for every woman, a time when her body will begin to change. Keep in mind that while every woman goes through menopause, the way in which menopause is experienced varies significantly from one woman to anther.

Regardless, during this time, it is important that women pamper themselves and pay a little closer attention to their health. With the ovaries no longer producing eggs and estrogen and progesterone not being produced, not only will she go through symptoms but she is also at greater risk for some diseases. To help get through this time, many women turn to menopause medication, which is designed to provide relief for most of the symptoms.

In addition, many types of menopause medications available today also help by boosting a woman’s energy level, calming her down so she feels less stressed and frustrated, promotes better sleep, and provide an overall sense of well being. One such option is called adaptogens, which are biological substances that can be found in specific rare plants and herbs. With this, the woman going through menopause feels much better and best of all, unlike other types of menopause medication, there are no risks.

Interestingly, adaptogens have been both researched and developed fro the past 45 years by literally hundreds of doctors in the Soviet Union. In fact, this research received such attention that approximately $2 billion was spent to improve the performance as well as reduce any side effects. While women in the United States are just learning about adaptogens, with thousands of scientific studies to back it, many doctors are now looking at this type or menopause medication as a solution.

Another common form of medication for menopause is hormone replacement therapy but with that having received such bad press in the past several years, researchers are taking more interest in adaptogens along with other natural substances. Women too are paying more attention to the types of things being taken to help ease menopause symptoms, often turning to vitamin E, calcium, black cohosh, kava kava, and soy. The most important thing to remember is that because millions of women go through menopause every year, this is getting lots of attention. Doctors realize that better and safer medical options are needed, which is why we see more and more studies being performed to come up with additional options.


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