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For all the women out there who have not yet started into menopause, and for all the men who simply have not clue, you may be reading this wondering what in the world sleepwear and menopause have to do with one another. Well, for the women going through menopause, they are all sitting back shaking their heads because they fully understand! To explain, when a woman hits her late forties to early fifties, her body will slowly stop producing a hormone called estrogen.

It could take a few years to ten years for estrogen to stop production altogether, at which time she has moved from peri-menopause into actual menopause. For her to be in actual menopause, she would be without a menstrual period for 12 consecutive months. Throughout this entire process, that again can last many years, the woman goes through a number of unpleasant symptoms. At the top of that list are two symptoms that actually go together – hot flashes and night sweats (the #1 reason why middle-aged women lose sleep!).

Okay, for all the non-menopausal women and men, just imagine sitting with your family watching a great movie when all of the sudden, without any warning, you feel as though someone just poured gasoline on your head and lit a match. For 30 seconds to five minutes, you have an intense heat that radiates from your chest to your head. That is a hot flash, although “flash” is not always the case. Now, tired, you go to bed. After getting comfortable and falling into a deep slumber, you awaken to find the bed and all of your clothing completely soaked from perspiration. That is a night sweat. For women going through menopause, this is part of the process, which is why sleepwear for menopause is essential.

As the woman going through menopause, by choosing sleepwear for menopause sleep, you will sleep far more comfortably than in normal pajamas. Some people have never heard of menopause sleepwear so let us describe the. Also called “hot flash pajamas”, these pajamas are actually designed to provide relief from night sweats. These pajamas are made to wick perspiration away from the body so you remain dry and comfortable. In fact, many cancer patients and people with other conditions also experience night sweats so they too can enjoy the benefits of sleepwear for menopause.

Depending on the manufacturer, the menopause sleepwear are made using a special type of dry release system that as you experience perspiration, the moisture is drawn through the garment, which then dissipates into the air. The result is instead of waking up soaking wet, you stay dry, your pajamas stay dry, and your bed stays dry. Other women who wear sleepwear for menopause will tell you that they sleep for the first time in years!

In addition to keeping you dry, many manufacturers of sleepwear for menopause create beautiful and comfortable garments so you do not have to sacrifice a great looking chemise or pair of pajamas simply in exchange for staying dry. The result is waking to feel refreshed. With this, you are not as moody, the aches and pains associated with menopause are not as intense, and you find that things at home and at work are better all from getting a good night’s sleep. Women going through menopause also struggle with insomnia for a number of reasons besides night sweats. Therefore, they never reach the deep stage known as REM (Rapid Eye Movement), which is the time when the body restores and heals itself. By doing all you can to make sure you get adequate rest, you will start to reach REM and overall feel much better.

You can find sleepwear for menopause in many department stores as well as online companies. Although you will pay a little more for these garments, they are worth every cent. If for some reason you are unable to buy this type of sleepwear immediately, then you can also start sleeping in 100% cotton gowns or pajamas that will help absorb the moisture. Although the results will not be nearly as great as sleepwear for menopause, it will help. Finally, be sure you keep your bedroom a little on the cool side to keep the amount of perspiration to a limit.


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