Menopause And Breast Pain



Whenever a woman has breast pain her mind automatically jumps ahead to assume the worse. In our lifetime we were taught that when we are experiencing a pain that there is obviously something wrong with that general area. It almost seems like it is human nature for one to jump to conclusions when it comes to pain. Normally when a woman is experiencing breast pain it is only due to one thing and that is menopause.

When Do You Get Menopause And Breast pain?

Menopause and breast pain seems to happen all at once. Except the thing with breast pain is that it begins before you actually start going through menopause, therefore you will not realize the fact that you are experiencing breast pain because you will actually be going through menopause sometime in the near future.

Most women who are going through menopause will be able to tell you that they experienced menopause and breast pain together. The fact is that when menopause is involved you can expect to have a bit of pain in your breasts.

How Does Breast Pain Feel During Menopause?

When it comes to breast pain during menopause you will find that women have different thoughts on it. There are those women that will tell you it hurt real bad then you have the others that will tell you the pain wasnít all that bad. Is this because they didnít get much breast pain during menopause or do they actually have a higher pain tolerance?

When it comes to menopause and breast pain there may be some degree of swelling and you will also realize that the breasts are very sensitive and tender. This is because when you body is going through hormonal changes your body will have a reaction to it, even your breasts.

How Will Breast Pain Affect Me?

If you are a woman about to go through menopause you can count on breast pain occurring during it. When it comes to breast pain you should go to your doctor and explain the symptoms that you have been having, chances are everything will be alright and the doctor will just tell you that you are experiencing breast pain because you are in the stage of pre menopause. Hopefully the thought of you going through menopause will not have too much of an effect on you, in fact, you going through menopause is better news than hearing that you have something major wrong with you such as breast cancer.

During this visit, your doctor may have prescribed some type of treatment for you. If so you should be sure to follow the directions carefully because if you donít you could end up with something worse than breast pain. When it comes to menopause and breast pain you may want to purchase something that will help you sleep at night because breast pain is known to keep women up at night. Men may look at breast pain like nothing, but it really does hurt.

What Are Some Ways To Soothe Breast Pain?

There isnít one food out there that will cure breast pain for everyone nor is there one food out there that is known to cause breast pain for everyone. The truth of the matter is that everyoneís bodies are different. However, when it comes to caffeine it is known to harm women and make breast pain worse because it dilates vessels and stretches nerves. Many women actually find relief when it comes to breast pain when they cut back on how much coffee they consume.

If you start consuming more fiber and eating more dark green leafy vegetables this can help you flush out that excess estrogen that your body contains. Then there are those other women that can find relief by detoxification or by taking a short fast.

Does Breast Pain Ever Go Away?

When you are experiencing menopause and breast pain you will more than likely be happy to hear that when more women experience breast pain during pregnancy it actually goes away when menopause stops. But you should also keep in mind that there are women out there actually in there 70ís that are still experiencing soreness in their breasts. What it really comes down to is that in this world you should know that everyone is not the same and that everyone does not have the same body.


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