Menopause Relief from Evening Primrose Oil



Are you tired of feeling blah from menopause? Are you ready to do something to give yourself a lift, something that will make you feel better and help you get through the daily grind during this change of life? Good news – menopause symptoms can be relieved from evening primrose oil. Many women swear that taking one capsule of evening primrose oil every day for two weeks a month, and the four capsules daily one week prior to monthly menstruation, they feel better.

Unfortunately, women going through menopause suffering varying symptoms and at varying levels of intensity so if menopause and evening primrose oil go together, why not try it. Although the symptoms of menopause can be devastating, the right type of therapy can be highly effective. If your goal were to keep treatment natural, then typically, you would use different supplements or herbal remedies for different symptoms.

For insomnia, you might try Kava Kava, for hot flashes and night sweats, Black Cohosh, which comes from a plant, and for these and other symptoms, Dong Quai. All of these options are considered traditional but new studies show that you have more options for menopause such as evening primrose oil. The interesting thing about menopause and evening primrose oil is that the majority of women still have no idea that this remedy is highly effective.

Even more interesting is that evening primrose is readily available at any drug store. However, more interesting news about menopause and evening primrose has been revealed - just recently, a pharmaceutical firm in Canada invested a whopping $80 million in research with incredible findings. The downside is that today, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will not label evening primrose as a natural remedy for menopause or PMS. For this reason, it is not approved in the United States.

With this, we see the British conducting in-depth studies to support the menopause and evening primrose oil theory. First, this oil has a wonderful, sweet fragrance that is actually not related to primrose at all. If you look at primrose that grows in the garden, this comes from the Primula family. The evening primrose oil is a biennial plant that often has woody stems, willow-shaped leaves that taste somewhat like pepper, and a strong root system. When the primrose unfolds at night, it reveals a lemon-colored flower that has an amazing sweetness. However, by dawn the next day, the flower already starts to wilt and die, thus the name.

For help with menopause, evening primrose oil is made from the plant’s seeds, which contains special oil comprised of gamma linolenic acid. When taking in capsule form, as described at the start of the article, women state they feel better, noticing the menopausal symptoms to be less intense. The fats and oils found in the plant are essential to overall health, along with the prevention of many chronic diseases. Since the body needs to maintain a healthy dose of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, the primrose provides this.

The problem is that most menopausal women simply do not get an adequate supply of essential fatty acids. These fatty acids help by producing compounds similar to hormones that help maintain membrane function, cut down on swelling and inflammation, constrict blood vessels, control pain, support the body’s natural immune response, prevent blood clots, and so on.

Therefore, when it comes to menopause and evening primrose oil, you can see the benefits are huge. The problem is that the body is not capable of making essential fatty acids so they have to be obtained through supplements or diet. The great thing about evening primrose oil is that it literally helps with every part of the body. By taking this supplement, your body is getting the constant supply of essential fatty acids it needs.

Keep in mind that GLA, which is essential for menopausal women and everyone in general, is only found in a few types of plant seeds, evening primrose oil being one. Through years of research, we have learned that when going through menopause, taking evening primrose oil is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself. With it being so readily available and so inexpensive, there is no reason not to treat your body to something so valuable. The GLA found in this supplement helps reduce so many symptoms, specifically night sweats and hot flashes, two of the most common complaints during this change of life.


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