Post Menopause : Life After the Change



Typically as a women reaches mid to late 40's, she will begin to notice changes in how she feels. Usually, the women feels tired and simple wrung out. Interestingly, a large number of women have no idea what they are experiencing is post menopause or the beginning of the change of life.

During menopause, a woman’s body will begin to change as her ovaries function less and less, causing hormonal levels to decrease. For a woman to be considered in post-menopause, she would be void of a menstrual period for a minimum of one year. Although as women age they may miss a cycle occasionally, they are not actually in post menopause until there have been no cycles for a full year.

The changes experienced during this time can be overwhelming. The woman will go through a number of emotions from anger to depression to frustration. The important thing is to keep in mind that this change of life is perfectly normal and something every woman goes through. Some women will breeze right through post and normal menopause with no problem while other women struggle with serious issues. For those women that seem to have a more difficult time, there are many options both naturally and with proper medication.

If there are concerns, it is important to work closely with a good gynecologist who can provide the right form of treatment along with encouragement. Although it may not feel like it while going through post menopause and menopause, life will go on and this too shall pass. For family members, they too need to understand that that ups and downs and unexpected turns associated with menopause are a normal part of the process. While the first reaction may be to become irritated or angry, this is a time when love and support are crucial.

Many times, learning to focus on other things can help. For example, when going through menopause, a woman can rediscover herself by taking up a new hobby, getting together with old friends, or doing something special for herself. By keeping the mind busy and concentrated on positive things, the symptoms of menopause can be controlled better.

This positive attitude along with natural herbs and supplements will make a huge difference. For most, it is hard to understand why the “golden years” seem more like black clouds but again, this is all part of life. The key is to take the proper steps, understand menopause, and take steps for gaining control over the situation.

The measures you take to make your post menopause transition easier will greatly affect the quality of your life after the change. Remember: if you develop better eating habits, exercise routines, and stress-reducing herbal and aromatherapeutic techniques during menopause, there’s no reason to stop after! For many women, the post menopause period constitutes a second coming-of-age period. See it as a return to innocence!

Because menopause typically coincides with the end of your child-rearing duties, you’re free to explore new things in life, free to travel, and full of new life experiences. Controlling menopausal symptoms is an emotionally and physically powerful activity – you’re displaying great mental and power over your natural biology. Use this in your day-to-day endeavors and enjoy your second spring!


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