Herbal Remedy for Menopause



Today, people are becoming more and more aware of the importance herbal remedies can have on the body. For women, trying an herbal remedy for menopause could prove to be a far better solution over prescriptions drugs.

As you will learn in this article, women have many options when it comes to an herbal remedy for menopause with the key being to learn which remedy works best, providing the greatest relief. Menopause is a normal phase of an aging woman’s life. As the ovaries begin to slow down on the production of estrogen, hormone levels will begin to fluctuate, which causes the dreaded menopausal symptoms. Bringing these symptoms under control through herbal solutions is often the best method.

Since there has been much discussion about potential risks associated with traditional hormone replacement therapy, women are looking for effective and safe alternatives. As you begin your search for the right herbal remedy for menopause, you will probably be amazed at all the various products on the market. Because of this, choosing can be a daunting task. In addition to talking to your gynecologist for recommendations, we have listed a few of the remedies we would recommend, each studied and proven to help.

First, probably the top herbal remedy for menopause is called Black Cohosh. This herb helps by relaxing nerves, which is helpful for menopause. Followed by that herb is another herb called Pasque Flower. This too helps by relaxing the nerves while also producing a mild sedative effect.

· MellowPause – This particular herbal remedy has a soy base along with other beneficial ingredients to include Black Cohosh and Pasque Flower. The blend is ideal for helping with hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, irritability, and moodiness.

· Menocore – This herbal remedy for menopause is made from botanicals that contain a nice blend of several natural herbal extracts. The result is relief from hot flashes, irritability, and moodiness. In addition to providing menopause relief, this herbal remedy also helps support the body’s natural hormonal balance.

· Triatone – Included in this herbal remedy are a number of ingredients to include Black Cohosh, Chasleberry, Dong Quai, Isoflavones, and Licorice Root. Together, hot flashes are reduced and an overall sense of well-being is created.


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